Why use clear float glass in home appliances?
Why use clear float glass in home appliances?

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In recent years, the home appliance industry has developed rapidly and paid more attention to the appearance of home appliance, which to a certain extent, puts forward new demands on home appliance materials. In addition to traditional plastic and metal materials, glass materials like clear float glass are gradually moving towards the home appliance industry.

Why do more and more home appliances prefer glass as a panel?

First of all, glass has the visual characteristics of "fresh, transparent, bright and shining". The wide application of printing technology in the glass industry makes it possible to print specific patterns and colors on the surface of the glass, which has strong practicability, bright colors, crystal clear noble, strong three-dimensional effect, and extraordinary visual effects. Moreover, after the glass is tempered, the strength of the glass is greatly improved. As long as we use it correctly, the clear tempered glass will generally not break.

The second point is because consumers are concerned about the appearance of home appliances. More and more customers not only pay attention to the functions of home appliances, but also the appearance of the products, from the past only focusing on practicality to taking into account the direction of decoration. Home appliances are no longer just appliances that only stay at the level of their inherent functions, and have gradually become an inseparable part of home decoration. Refrigerator glass and oven door glass are good examples.

Some people believe that the application of clear float glass in home appliances has gradually become a developing trend. The application prospects of float glass in household appliances panels are generally optimistic.

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