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There are many uses for toughened glass panels. Panel glass can be used in many places, including your home and business. Tempered glass can be used for any security purpose. Tempered glass sheets can be used for furniture, replacement glass, and bath screens. Dulles Glass & Mirror can supply tempered glass to your interior or home remodeling project. Tempered glass table covers, shelves and other items There are many areas that tempered glass pane can be used. These include glass table tops, table covers for patio furniture and cupboard doors. Use toughened glass for any display or storage cabinet in your home. Tempered glass can be used to make glass shelves, including floating glass shelves and TV cabinets, as well as for replacing glass shelving. Tempered glass table tops and glass tabletops for offices A tempered glass desk cover or glass tabletop can protect your conference table or desk. For table covers and table tops, you should use toughened glass. You want the strongest, most durable glass possible whether you are protecting the desk's surface or using it as a table top. You can either use toughened glass to replace broken glass or for new projects. We can cut your tempered glass to any shape or size that you require for your commercial or residential DIY projects.
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