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What is the oven door glass replacement cost? Broken or damaged glass on an oven door glass will require replacement. An oven glass price is approximately $175. Prices can vary greatly. Let's see how much it costs to replace an oven door glass. Why do outer glass for oven door break? Glass in an oven door can break for many reasons. Most common is a grill becoming stuck in the glass for a long time. The glass will eventually crack if objects keep hitting it on the oven door. You should also be careful if you sit in the kitchen while you cook, or if your children are playing in the kitchen. Even though it may sound innocent, a chair or child, or any toy, could smash the glass in your oven door. It will eventually break, causing the oven's glass to crack. Is it possible to replace the oven door glass by yourself? Yes you can. Most people don't because they worry about getting a good seal on their glass. This route is not recommended. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and skills. It takes approximately two hours to replace the oven door glass. This can vary depending on your oven model.
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