Introduction to Range Hood Glass
Introduction to Range Hood Glass

Characteristics of tempered glass material:

Tempered glass is used more and more widely in the range hood industry. Tempered glass makes range hoods have strong performance. The first point is that toughened glass is easy to clean. You can clean the stains on the toughened glass with a gentle wipe in the dirty place. Tempered glass is much easier to clean than stainless steel glass. The second point is that toughened glass is extremely plastic and can be made into various shapes. Innovative shapes can be made in the shape of the range hood, such as curved, flat, etc., and each user can customize it according to his or her own According to actual requirements, choose a range hood product that you like the appearance of.

The tempered glass is bright in color and can be installed in the kitchen and can also be decorated, giving people a sense of elegance and comfort. Many range hood companies choose tempered glass for range hood glass, designing it with a unique shape, which can attract consumers through the shape and be more creative. Compared with stainless steel glass range hoods, tempered glass range hoods are less prone to scratches. After the range hood is scratched, there are traces left, which will be more obvious when there are oil stains.


Features of stainless steel material:

Stainless steel range hoods are the mainstream choice for most range hoods nowadays, especially the smoke cavity and shell of range hoods are made of stainless steel, even if the range hood glass is tempered glass, its smoke cavity And most of the shell is also made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is made of stainless steel because it contains a large amount of chromium, so stainless steel has strong strength and corrosion resistance. The operation in cleaning and maintenance is also very simple and convenient. The smooth finish of stainless steel is still high and it can be durable. So we The scope of use of stainless steel is becoming more and more extensive. The range hood made of stainless steel is clean and bright, and has high performance in many aspects. The material of the range hood is solid, and it also has strong practical performance in our daily cleaning.

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