Features of commercial fridge glass door
Features of commercial fridge glass door

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With the progress of refrigerator production technology, glass panel refrigerator has gradually entered the vision of consumers. The refrigerator glass made of clear tempered glass has a good appearance design and is more ornamental, which becomes the consumers’ preference. We will introduce to you the characteristics of commercial fridge glass door in detail below.

1. Good decontamination effect

The decontamination effect of the glass material is obvious. After all, the surface of the tempered glass panel is smooth and the anti-fouling performance is good. But leaving fingerprints is one of defects. Especially under the light, the fingerprints are clearly visible.

2. Safety

Ordinary sharp objects have minimal damage to the tempered glass sheets. The hardness of tempered glass is about 6.5, and the wear resistance is still very good. Many people worry that the glass panel is prone to scratches, so do you need to stick a film like a mobile phone? Testing proves that the safety performance of colored tempered glass is very reassuring.

There is a concern that the toughened glass of glass-panel refrigerators may break that leads to scratches and cuts. Professionals say that if the sharp object is no longer hit at one point, it will generally not cause damage to the panel. The new tempered glass panel bolsters the overall appearance of the refrigerator, and is easier to scrub in terms of cleaning, and is safety in use. Study has shown that personal injuries caused by tempered glass panels were minimal.

3. Realistic 3D feeling, Diverse appearance

The most common process technology in the field of glass panel production is screen printing and UV inkjet technology. With the 3D spraying process injecting artistic 3D elements into the glass panel, the tempered glass door is full of art and visually realistic 3D feeling. The designer makes the appearance more unique and novel. Other than that, the most significant feature is that it touches flat, has 3D visual effect. It is currently the latest and most distinctive product surface decoration process, and the most gorgeous turn of the glass panel!


As referenced beforehand, refrigerator glass makes up for the lack of appearance of refrigerators of other materials. Other elements such as safety, good decontamination effect, are also of great significance to the tempered glass sale. If you are a fridge company looking for refrigerator glass, then you come to the right place. We are a tempered glass manufacturer providing various home appliance glass.



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