Provide high quality custom tempered glass for different industries
Provide high quality custom tempered glass for different industries

Tempered glass sheet is regarded as glass that is processed in some ways such as heat treatment, which is up to four times stronger and harder than annealed glass. With the high strength, after being broken, tempered glass will break into uniform small particles without shape angle, which is called tempered safety glass widely used in many industries.

Where to use tempered glass sheet?

  1. Construction, building template, decoration industry (such as tempered glass door and tempered glass window, curtain walls, interior decoration, etc.)
  2. Furniture manufacturing industry (tempered glass table top, furniture accessories, etc.)
  3. Home appliance manufacturing industry (TV, oven glass, air conditioner glass,refrigerator glass, etc.)
  4. Electronics, instrument industry (mobile phones, MP3, MP4, clocks and other digital products)
  5. Automobile manufacturing industry (automobile windshield, etc.)
  6. Daily-use products industry (glass cutting board, etc.)
  7. Special Industry (Military Glass)

At Zhitai Glass, we make it our goal to provide custom tempered glass to suit any needs. Tempered glass cut to size before tempering is a must. Usually, it must have 10,000 psi or more surface compression, and breaks at around 24,000 psi. The services listed below are:

  1. We can make a custom tempered glass: size, thickness, shape as well as edge types.
  2. We can make your tempered glass with or without a tempering stamp which helps prove whether your glass was tempered or not.
  3. There are bronze or gray tempered glass for your select when it comes to custom tempered glass.

We believe in manufacturing high quality glass products that are applied in a diversified industry, as well as exceed customer expectations all the time. Our commitment to excellent has led to Zhitai Glass being a renowned tempered glass manufacturer of glass products in the industry. Our goal and mission is to ensure our customers coming to us are satisfied with our services and products. We have invested in first-rate glass machines to ensure that our products are among the best. If your are still strolling and wondering where to buy tempered glass, Zhitai Glass is a great option for you. For more information on what we can do for you, welcome to visit our website!




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