Two Major Benefits of Using a Tempered Glass Panel
Two Major Benefits of Using a Tempered Glass Panel

tempered glass panel

Glass panels areused in varied applications across the world. It is impossible to navigate an entire city without coming across these panels. They are almost everywhere! There are different varieties of glass panels available across the market, each with their very own varied applications. In this category, a Tempered glass panel is widely used in several industries because of the two major advantages that it offers. These include:


Tempered glass panels provide much more durability than the ordinary or the regular glass varieties. The durability of these panels is because of their exclusive annealing procedure. Here it is important to note that the difference between tempered glass and standard glass lies within the rate at which glass is cooled.

When standard glass goes through the fabrication procedure, it is annealed using a procedure that cools down the glass very quickly. It is only because of the quick annealing process that standard glass seems to be fragile. Since tempered glass goes through a longer annealing procedure, it cools down slowly and thus boasts of high resistance and strength. Tempered glass panels are resistant to physical impacts and scratches.


Tempered glass panels are also known for the safety advantage that they offer. When tempered glass panels break, they shatter into harmless small pellets that are not too sharp. This is completely different from the standard glass panels that break up to make sharp pieces that can be physically threatening.

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